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Cheap NFL Jerseys.NFL teams will continue to modify their rosters during the free agency period, which opens at 4 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 9. With hundreds of free agents in the mix, how do organizations win players over? NFL Network analysts discuss their experiences in free agency and share how they were ultimately persuaded to sign.Authentic Football Jerseys.Nate Burleson, an unrestricted free agent in 2010, and his agent had a list of organizations in need of wide receivers that they would begin contacting when the free agency contact period opened.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. But the Detroit Lions ended his search before it began.

Cheap Jerseys.Burleson had just finished a four-year stint with the Seattle Seahawks and originally planned to re-sign with his hometown team. But on the night free agency opened, Burleson, who wanted to keep his options open, went to the spot where he had heard a Lions representative might be."The moment the clock struck 12:01 a.m., (then-Lions offensive coordinator) Scott Linehan was sitting down at the restaurant ready to negotiate," Burleson said. "That was the ultimate sign. Football Jerseys Cheapest.He made me a priority and that was the selling point. Regardless of the negotiations and the money, when I walked in the restaurant and he was there, I knew I was going to sign with Detroit."

Cheap Jerseys China.Burleson said he never honestly considered playing in Detroit prior to that meeting because the Lions had one of the NFL's best receivers -- if not the best receiver -- in Calvin Johnson. But Linehan continued to sell Detroit."[Linehan] said, 'In order for us to win, we need a guy like you.' It was a lot different than, 'Hey, we're bringing you in to help us win,' " Burleson remembered.Cheap Football Jerseys. "The way he phrased it was that I was a really big part of what they were trying to build.Cheap China Jerseys. It made me think it was a marriage meant to be."